Past activities(before April, 2015

Purpose of establishment


Open Source Software such as Linux has been developing on introduction to it is indicated that OSS still has some technical and system problems.

information systems and application in embedded systems at enterprises and universities. However


The Japan OSS Promotion Forum (Chairman : Masatoshi Yoshida   Fujitsu Limited) applies new software paradigms of OSS and strengthens competitiveness of Japan with respect for competition and collaboration among companies and cooperation with communities.These activities aim to realize 'prevention of monopoly and expanding choices', 'promotion of technology innovation', 'human resource development'.


The Japan OSS Promotion Forum works together with the China OSS Promotion Union and the Korea OSS Promotion Forum to form the Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum for the purpose of collaborating with private enterprises, research institutes, and educational organizations in China and Korea. The activities of the Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum are harmonized with the government level collaboration between Japan, China, and Korea.


 Abstract of Organization

With participation from venders, users, and academic experts of information systems in Japan, an effort is underway to solve problems in utilizing OSS by freely discussing these problems.

The Japan OSS Promotion Forum is consist of Committees; Cloud Computing Committee, Client Sub Committee, and Application Committee, and International relationship WGs;technology development and assessment WG, study on standardization and certification WG, and Application promotion WG. Each Committee researches and endeavors to promote OSS in each field.


(April, 2015)


Chairperson of the board


Masatoshi Yoshida

Fujitsu Ltd. 


Vice- Chairperson of the board


Chieko Takahashi

NEC Corp.

Ichiro Osawa

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology


Board Members


Kazuhiro Oki

NEC Corp.

Masanori Katase

Tokyo GAS Co. Ltd.

Hajime Kurosaka

SIOS technology Inc.


Koutaro Noyama

Fujitsu Ltd.


Hisashi Hashimoto

Hitachi Ltd.

Hiroshi Miura

NTT Data Corp.




Project Manager of Cloud Computing Committee

Chieko Takahashi (NEC Corp.)

Project Manager of Client Sub Committee

Ichiro Osawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Project Manager of Application Committee

Masatoshi Yoshida (Fujitsu Ltd.)

International relationship WGs


Project Manager of Technical WG

Tomomi Suzuki (Hitachi Ltd.)

Project Manager of Standard and certification WG

Koutaro Noyama (Fujitsu Ltd.)

Project Manager of business promotion WG

Kazuhiro Oki (NEC Corp.)


The Japan OSS Promotion Forum joins Northeast Asia OSS promotion forum with the China OSS Promotion Union and the Korea OSS Promotion Forum. It strengthen a relationship with ASEAN contries and expand its international activites in future.

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OSS Promotion Forum Secretariat in PANTEL INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD

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Kunihisa Building 8F B 1-2-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 160-0022 Japan
Japan OSS Promotion Forum Secretariat