WG2 Human Resource Development


Working Group2
Purpose and background

It was decided that WG2, a working group about human resource development, was going to establish in the 2nd Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum, which was held in Sapporo on July 2004.
At the 3rd Forum, which was held in Seoul on December 2004, the following chairman's statement was announced.

WG2 aims to develop Human Resources to envolved OSS technologies.  Because skills related on OSS are portable  in the world, it is  important for realizing highly complecated IT systems. These skills will be useful for recent globalize flat world because it is not only common also portable and applicable skills.

In the other hand, several research reports gap of  needs and provides on  OSS human resources share a big  part of discrapancy of OSS promotion. OSS HRD is a big issue to resolve to promote OSS technologies.

WG2 aim to realize measure of skills of OSS technologists by making an OSS common skills definition and OSS sample currilula, and aim to make common language to present HR levels.

WG2 also promote Open Course Ware to accelate OSS human resouce development.


Activities and Results
WG2 published following white papers.

WG2 co-founded "Northeast Asia OSS Award" and "Special contrbution award" and operate it once par year.  The forum have already granted 48 teams/persons in past 4 years.

Future plans
member list
Chen Zhong
Peking University
Hiroshi Miura
Lee Minsuk
Hannan University