WG3:Study of Standardizations and certifications


WGCharter     (Excerpts of the WG Charter)



WGCharter     (Excerpts of the WG Charter)
WG3: Study on Standardization & Certification
This WG was organized by the Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum
and approved by C-J-K Director General Meeting in Sapporo City on July 28, 2004.
In order to achieve interoperability among OSS related IT systems among C-J-K and all the rest in the world, this WG will study C-J-K requirement on OSS related standards and their certifications and make recommendations, proposals and technical reports to the Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum and/or relevant organizations for their action if necessary.
  • To discuss on technical requirements and certification methods to keep interoperability and to promote "OSS" alternatives for public IT systems.
  • To identify the gaps between C-J-K common requirements and existing international and international de-facto standards.
  • To build and strengthen the relations with international standardizing organizations such as ISO/IEC JTC1 and International de-facto standardization groups such as FSG.
  • To promote various OSS related standardization activities such as education, publication and public relation in Northeast Asian countries.
This WG consists of the following classes of participants:
  • Co-chairpersons: Persons who are appointed by the Northeast Asia OSS promotion forum and have the entire responsibility to manage the WG activities.
  • Members: Persons appointed by each co-chairperson.
Decision Making:
  • The decision of this WG shall be made based on principle of consensus, in general.
  • The WG shall make directives which define the decision making process and working process of this WG, and the WG shall follow the directives.
Short term action items
  • Establishing Directives. (Done)
    • The WG enacted the Directives Document of WG's discussion process.
  • Drafting a Common Input Method API standard that meets the requirement of C-J-K.
    • Established the sub working group for Input Method API (SWG1).
    • SWG1 established the document of "CJK Consolidated Requirements of Input Method".
  • Human Resource Development (HRD) for Standardization.
    • The WG is discussing to have a boot up camp for standardization study for younger generation.
  • Studying on Embedded Linux standards.
    • Study on existing international standardization activities for embedded Linux and identify C-J-K requirements.
    • Korea proposed a new work proposal for the study.
  • Studying on interoperability in Web data.
    • Each member body is now making research on the issues, and will exchange the results on WG meeting.
Activity log
  • 12/2/2004 Held on the 1st WG3 Meeting in Seoul
    • Resolved WG3 charter and Short Term Action Items of WG3


  • · 12/3/2004 Held on the 3rd Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum in Seoul
  • 2/4/2005 Held on the 2nd WG3 meeting in Beijing
    • Discussion on WG3 Directives
    • Resolved to establish a Sub Working Group for Input Method


  • 3/2/2005 Held on the 3rd WG3 Meeting in Beijing
    • Discussion on WG3 Directives


  • 3/30/2005 WG3 Directives became effective
  • 4/26-27/2005 Held on the 1st SWG1 Meeting in Tokyo
    • Discussion on CJK Requirement for Input Method
  • 6/22-23/2005 Held on the 2nd SWG1 Meeting in Beijing
    • Finalized the CJK Consolidated Requirements of Input Method


  • 6/24/2005 Held on the 4th WG3 Meeting in Beijing
    • Resolved that the WG will specify CJK common Input Method engine Service Provider Interface (IMSPI)
      and submit it to the Free Standards Group by the end of March 2006
    • Established the Liaison with Free Standards Group


  • 8/17-18/2005? Held on the 3rd SWG1 Meeting in Beijing
  • 9/12/2007 Released Report of Web Interoperability discrepancy
  • The WG will have 5 days of joint CJK standard drafting workshop for Input Method engine Service Provider Interface (IMSPI) in December 2005 in Tokyo


  • The WG will specify the IMSPI that can be used worldwide and propose the specification to ISO/IEC JTC 1 through the Free Standards Group, in order to establish a single world wide standard for interface among Input Method engines, User Interface Components and Input Method framework. (by the end of March 2006)
Officers of WG3:
  • Co-Chair:
    • Japan : Koutaro Noyama (Fujitsu)
    • China : Miao Zongli (CESI)
    • Korea : Yunjae Jung (SAMSUNG)


  • Secretariat:
    • Chieko Hiramatsu (Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory, Japan)
Officers of SWG1 (Sub Working Group for Input method API):
  • Chair:
    • China : Gao Lin (CESI)


  • Project Editor:
    • Hiroshi Miura (NTT Data, Japan)